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Junk Food Essay


Writing on Junk Food:

Junk food is an expression that characterizes the food that contains a lot of calories, but is little of value in other ways.

Junk food is hiding in refrigerators and supermarkets under the guise of preprocessed food. Products of this type do not provide your body with essential vitamins and do not contain fiber, minerals, protein, and good fats. The most part of their ingredients are colorants, flavors, flavor enhancers, preservatives, and cheap bad fats. This composition can not only spoil your body shape but also damage internal organs and overall health.

Sweets lovers should not eat to much, innocuous at first glance, candies, cakes, candy, because, in fact, all the calories they are rich in are empty.

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Popular types of chocolate bars have a very attractive packaging and a relatively low price. After eating one such a chocolate bar with nuts, you can receive about 500 hundred empty calories, and do not feel satiated. Thus, it is likely that, in addition to the chocolate you will add another full meal, securing an increase in weight.

Alcoholic beverages, such as liqueurs, sweet alcoholic drinks, and some beers are particularly rich in empty calories. In the case of often drinking such products, these empty calories are deposited in the abdomen, forming so-called “fat belt.”

Mayonnaise, cheese sauces, ketchup, sour cream are high-calorie, and are a source of cholesterol and digestive problems for your body.

Various sausages, bacon, ham, as well as any other fatty food, which is a blend of soy protein, phosphates, dyes, flavors, stabilizers, and, of course, empty calories, give short-term satiety. When frying sausage products, you increase their caloric value and add it up with carcinogens formed during frying. Furthermore, fried foods may contain 30 grams of fat or higher. Therefore, this kind of food should be discarded in favor of natural products.

Short-crust pastry, white bread factory production (with the exception of bread, made by hand and cooked in a special oven, for example, Armenian flatbread), tarts, cakes, pies and others can be considered a source of empty calories.

Constant consumption of junk food containing large amounts of empty calories can lead to obesity, heart disease, diabetes, problems with the pancreas, and many other troubles.

It should also be mentioned that the food eaten in the morning and in the afternoon provides the “fuel” for our active life. And the evening meal may much more likely turn into fat deposits as in the evening and night energy costs are negligible.

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