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Learning Process Term Paper


is a very important aspect of our lives. We all start learning from the moment we are born, and the environment we are placed in affect how and what we learn as individuals.

A famous novelist and essayist, C. S. Lewis, once brought the learning issues during the war in his well-known letter “Learning in war time”. He claims that the society is under the constant pressure and that it is impossible for people to concentrate on anything else when their close people are at risk of dying or being hurt. C. S. Lewis (1939) asked, “What is the use of beginning a task which we have so little chance of finishing?” (p. 1). Young people, who are starting a university or any other learning institution before the war, find themselves unable to continue and finish their studies. Young boys are taken to the army with no guarantee of coming back. In addition to this, there are almost no resources available for learning institutions to provide their students with all the necessary equipment. Apart from the physical obstacles, there is also a psychological impact on student’s motivation to continue acquiring any kind of knowledge.

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Culture has a significant impact on the way the information is received by the person. The individual is shaped by the beliefs, values, and rules his or her society is bound to. This, in turn, affects the learning abilities of the person. Recently, trainers try to set a competitive environment in their classrooms. They believe healthy competition increases student’s motivation to acquire more knowledge and skills. However, if a student comes from the society, where boldness and strive for superiority are not welcomed, he or she will have a hard time learning how to become competitive and, perhaps, will fail at this. It is a difficult task for a trainer to set an environment in the class, which allows all the students to use their full potential in learning and being a competent member of the learning group.

Poverty is a very important factor, which puts person’s education under a big risk. In the modern world, many countries are suffering from the lack of educated people due to the critical condition of their economy. According to Pellino (2007), “Some of the factors related to poverty that may place a child at-risk for academic failure are: very young, single or low educational level parents; unemployment; abuse and neglect; substance abuse; dangerous neighborhoods; homelessness; mobility; and exposure to inadequate or inappropriate educational experiences”.

Class size
The class size issue can be linked to the poverty problem. In the countries with a better economy, learning institutions can allow themselves to form classes, where a little amount of students can receive better attention during the learning process. There are many private schools and colleges, where there is a specific amount of students per class, which cannot be exceeded. The size of the group plays a significant role in the attention student pays to the material covered in the class.

Limited Technology
The lack of technology in many schools is a big issue, which puts limitations to the learning process of their students. Lately, technology became a very important element of modern schools and universities. According to O’Conner (1997), “Technology has the power to teach, motivate, captivate and transform a classroom into a training ground for the next generation of artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders”. Yet, big amount of countries cannot allow themselves to introduce new technologies to their learning institutions.

The noise during the lesson usually is an issue, when the size of the class is too big. The learning capabilities of the student significantly reduce, when he or she is disturbed by any kind of noises in the class. Trainers are very often unable to control the situation in the overfilled classrooms and, therefore, fail to deliver necessary information to their students.

Stable Household
Families with the stable household can provide their children with all the necessary tools for acquiring needed knowledge. The biggest advantage is that the child can be sent to a private school or can get a private trainer for the after-school classes. This allows the person to receive a better quality education.

Receiving Affection
The feeling of being appreciated and appraised is crucial for the person in the process of learning. Whenever parents or teachers compliment the student on the certain achievement, it increases his or her motivation to move further. Trainers often fail to realize the importance of giving affection to their students and, therefore, disable them to perform better.

Parent Involvement
Very often parents think that once a child starts going to school, their role in his or her education is finished. This is a wrong approach and can serve as a barrier for child’s perfection. In the modern world of education, this mistake is tried to be corrected. Many organizations, which are dealing with education, are strongly concentrated on this issue and are working on creating a strong partnership between schools and parents.

Students are likely to learn more when their surroundings are designed towards learning. Certain countries face major problems, and these issues play a major role in how people learn. Also, one can see how proper facilities at school and feeling secure at home affect learning.

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