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My Philosophy in Life Essay


For me, philosophy is not only a science but also the opportunity to find the answers to some fundamental questions of life. I think that it can give solutions for those who seek for them. At the same time, it can mix up thoughts for those who don’t have an opinion of their own and count only on other views.

Our mind is an instrument we can cognize our life with, but there is something beyond our perception. It is the reason I believe that with the death of our body our personality doesn’t vanish and continues its existence in some other form.

I can not agree with the concept of “life for pleasure” although it sounds very seducing. What will differentiate us from the animals in this case? Moral and ethic values are the things peculiar to human creatures only, and I think we should mind them.

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Confucius speaks of being an excellent person who accomplishes all his duties and obligations as the primary goal of our life.

Confucius also speaks about Filial Piety – obedience to parents and even obedience to government. He puts forward the ideas of the wise governor, who treats his people like children. It’s evident that the governmental system he proposed is far away from democratic one. I do not share his opinion. I’d rather stay on the side of ancient Greek philosophers, such as Sophists, who stood for the democracy and even supported it with their sophistic dialogues.

I do believe in God though I think it’s intrinsic and personal knowledge. But for those, who want any rational proves, the proves of Rene Descartes could be applied. He states that God is a perfect being. Any other person as perfect as God couldn’t exist or just wouldn’t be God. This reasoning proves the existence of God by his mind.

Everything changes inside our ordinary experience in the realm of becoming states, Plato. It means that the person turns all the time and I’m different from the person I used to be when I was five.

I believe in taking responsibilities for any actions. In this point, I don’t agree with Leibniz, who believed in determinism.

Leibniz believes in determinism, which means that everything in our life was predetermined. It says that everything that happens with us is the matter of destiny.

I don’t believe in the ability of computers to understand literary texts neither now nor in the future.

Each work of art possesses two layer of meaning – informative and emotional. Even the best equipment will stay a machine and will be able to get only educational part of the text, missing out feelings and emotions.

Injecting depression chemicals in the brain could have solved the problem of depressions if we believed that mind is the primary source of all our emotional experience.

Lock talks about the importance of our surrounding. He states that newborn child is a Tabula Rasa – blank slate and we absorb all the ideas from the environment. It means that if I had been born in a different surrounding, I might have become a killer. I can not agree with his view as I believe that we come to this world with some embryos of our future personality and develop them under the influence of surrounding. Let’s take an example of two keen brothers, who are brought up in entirely equal surrounding but possess altogether different personalities.

Knowing anything with absolute certainty is impossible to my mind in the case we talk about rational knowledge. I believe that right experience lays beyond our intellectual understanding and can’t be either passed nor explained. Descartes wanted to find real knowledge doubting everything and thus counting only on the thesis “I think therefore I am” as on the only true one.

Drug possession can’t be left to personal choice, to my mind. The problem is that drug addict doesn’t only bring harm to our health, but it also can be dangerous for the surrounding. In this case, drug storage seizes to be the personal choice and becomes the subject of concerns of the society and thus should be prohibited.

I don’t only believe that allowing child’s suffering is morally reprehensible, but I also think that allowing all kinds of pain should also be condemned.

Ghosts’ existence can be doubted as anything that has no scientific proofs.

As it was mentioned before, there are two different opinions on the events of our life. Some philosophers believe that all the events of our lives are predetermined by prior conditions (Liebnitz, for example), others think that everything is our personal choice and we possess the freedom to act according to our consideration. The life of a young child and the life of a 22-year old college student are equal; as well as the life of the poor disabled person and the life of the president of the country.

Life is the biggest treasure we possess, and any bargaining demolishes its meaning, I think.

Unfortunately, the feeling of happiness or unhappiness doesn’t depend on the moral level of an individual. I believe that morality is one of the best virtues, but it has no correlation with happiness.

Let’s just think about the big amount of moral people, who are unhappy and vice versa, people who behave immorally and feel happy. Probably, the key to the understanding of this phenomenon would be the distinguishing the notion of happiness, which is different for different people. For some people, happiness can be achieved on the lowest, physical level with the help of food, sex, etc. Moral obligations can only bother this group of people. From the other side, some people sacrifice their lives for the sake of others and feel happy about that. I do believe that our humankind develops in the evolutionary way and those times will come when the high level of morality will be the necessary component of the happy life.
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