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Narrative Essay Sample for College


There are many different types of pastime. Some people like to relax actively: traveling, dancing, fishing, gathering mushrooms and berries, hunting, etc. Others prefer reading, knitting, or embroidering. However, no matter how the person rests. The most important thing is that it gives a pleasure, helps to restore the strength and peace of mind.

I like to read interesting books and magazines, play computer games, watch TV, ride a roller skate, swim, and sunbathe. However, most of all I like a vacation at the Lake Wenatchee.

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Lake Wenatchee is located in the Lake Wenatchee National Forest on the eastern slopes of the Cascades Mountain. Several years ago, my parents’ friends told us about this place. We went on a trip by car. When we arrived, we saw a magnificent view. It has surpassed all our expectations. There was a big mountain lake silvered in the sun in the middle of a pine forest. Snow-white gulls and flocks of ducks with ducklings, not being afraid of people, slowly were cutting the water surface. Near shore, the water lilies were creating floral carpet. Majestic pines were descending to the lake, reflecting in its blue water. In the two places of the shore, away from each other, there were arranged camping sites for visitors. The spacious recreation center was equipped with tables and benches of pine logs, a fireplace, and other facilities.

We quickly pitched our camp, and I ran away immediately to the water. The swimming in the lake was a real pleasure! The water was so clear and clean that each stone was visible at the bottom. It had a miraculous power. I have not swum so easily anywhere!

After swimming, I got hungry very much. Dad made a fire and cooked very juicy steaks. In addition, we baked potatoes in the coals, fried bread slices, sausages, onions, papers, and tomatoes on the fire. Nothing was tastier than this simple food with the smoke taste! Then we boiled water in the pot and brewed a delicious, fragrant tea. We were enjoying the sun, sunbathing, and playing volleyball. Then, we were lapping in the water again, floating on inflatable mattress, diving. I was so calm and joyful.

Early in the morning, I went out of the tent and saw the steam rising above the water. Having run through the cold dew, I dived with joy into the water that still kept the previous day’s heat. Morning swim is very cheerful. I was pleased to think that I would spend a few more days in this wonderful place. We wandered through the forest, inhaling the wonderful aroma of pine, collecting firewood for the campfire. In some places, we came across a blueberry bushes with berries. I collected them in the palm and put them in my mouth.

Days passed so quickly. It was time to bid farewell to this wonderful place. We did not want to leave, and we threw a few coins into the water hoping to come back again.
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