Article Critique of First-Year College Students

There is a stereotype of first-year college students about math and calculus: many believe those are incredibly difficult subjects and are preparing themselves for failure in the first semester. The reasons for such an assumption lay behind the general low progress in math studies at American schools and colleges. Math is not an easy subject. However, it gives an essential knowledge to future professionals. The study conducted by Linda Serra Hagedorn and other researchers addressed the complex problem of success in college mathematics and compared remedial and non-remedial first-year college students to find the differences between students which lead to low achievement level in math. Continue reading

Stress Term Paper Sample

Stress can be defined as an adverse reaction to exogenous irritants accompanied by fear. It can also bring a feeling of loss, lack of control, confusion, and aggression. Stress is manifested on both – physical and emotional levels. It can even touch mental abilities – stressed people can not concentrate on anything, lose the ability to ratiocinate. Health problems often accomplish stress. Sometimes people experience pressure and other health problems, which follow it but do not even know about that. Anxiety can be treated somewhat like a state of being than an illness and should be treated accordingly.

There are different signs of stress, such as panic, suspicion, and pain. It can be accompanied by feelings of aggression, anger, and depression. The sense of fatigue and suppression also can often become a sign of depression. Continue reading

Americanization of Canada Essay

As stunning as it seems, two countries sharing the largest international border in the world and having very close economic and historical ties, are strikingly different in terms of identity. Canadian and American culture, way of life, worldview, and mentality are two distinct phenomena. Yet in the past decade the unprecedented rise of America’s power resulted in the growing influence it produces on Canada. How devastating can it be for Canadian identity?

In the era of globalization, there is no single country on the globe that can protect its national identity from external influences. As globalization grows, the opposing trends are also developing. The swift rise of nationalism is an indicator of need to protect national identity. For some countries, there is no outright danger in the process of globalization. But there are also countries where the national identity is weaker. I dare say that Canada is among such countries. While France or Russia can always base their cultural revival based on rich history and well-established position in the world politics, Canada have traditionally been a cosmopolitan country, ready to accept and accommodate people from different parts of the world and cultural backgrounds. In the course of its history, it developed its own national identity, but it isn’t as strong as in the countries with centuries and centuries of history. Continue reading

Business Ethics Term Paper

The business world is a separate sphere that often lives by its own norms and rules. In the past, the laws of this area were often the laws of the jungle. Today, following accounting scandals and high-profile bankruptcies, many businessmen have begun to attach great importance to ethics. At the same time, maintaining ethics in the business world may not always be that easy as an executive and a rank-and-file employee will be pressured to act under the influence of many factors that can contradict ethical considerations. With this said, more and more companies recognize that violation of ethical norms can cost them too much to be a viable option. This paper will explore whether it is realistic to hope that business can maintain strict ethical standards and outline possible ways to do it. Continue reading

The Sacrifices of Women in ‘A Doll’s House’ Essay

Henrik Ibsen’s A Doll’s House is the story of how far a woman can go in her desire to please people she sincerely loves and admire. Nora Helmer is Torvald Helmer’s wife; they live fair and comfortable life. They are happy with Torvald’s new position that is supposed to bring additional revenues to their family. It seems that nothing can spoil that life idyll.

In any relationships, there is always the question about sacrifices. Some women sacrifice their beliefs, men can sacrifice their desires, but finally, those sacrifices are inevitable. Two people in a relationship should understand why they are together and try to maintain that feeling of love, compassion, respect and mutual assistance that is between them. But in many families, the person who is to sacrifice something is a woman. Women are more sensitive and emotional and therefore are ready to do whatever needed to make everyone happy. But the question is whether this makes them happy? Sacrificing all the time, a woman can forget about her desires and thoughts and can lose her identity. She can become the reflection of other people’s beliefs and desires and be completely lost. Continue reading

Cultural Autobiography Essay

My story is very similar to the experiences of many other recent immigrants in the U.S. Coming from the Middle East to the U.S. to study an exciting yet challenging life path. My identity and worldview have been affected by a series of different events, therefore in this essay, I will try to provide a summary of all events and in-depth analysis of three games that I regard as the most significant.

The event that influenced my life a lot was reading a primer on psychology recommended to me by one of my high school teachers. It helped me to understand a lot about myself and social dynamics. The most useful theory I have learned was the self-affirmation theory. Self-affirmation theory suggests that people can deal with threats to their self-identity by focusing on their self-worth and competence. I used this approach to overcome threats to my identity and achieve success. Continue reading

‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ Essay

Long ago already it became common to produce movies based on successful books and vice versa. Some of these projects turn out to be successful while in some cases in it hard to recognize the original. In my short essay, I would like to compare and contrast the book “To Kill a Mockingbird” with the movie of the same name filmed two years after the publication had proved itself to be a bestseller.

There are many similarities between the book and movie “To Kill a Mockingbird,” as well as there, are many differences. To begin with, I would like to state some of the similarities I have noticed. Firstly, Tom Robinson died in an attempt to escape from prison in both the book and the movie. It is a good director’s idea and leaving out this factor changing it would make the film less realistic. Secondly, both in the book and in the movie the fascination between Arthur Radley and the children is shown. The character of Arthur Radley or Boo is portrayed very similarly with the book. It is shown how the children consider him to be a weirdo who does things unusual for other humans. In the movie, the children also make trips to Boo’s house to look in the window. Finally, the film shows that Boo always left toys and sweets in the hollow of a tree in his yard for the children. Continue reading

Mental Health Reflection Essay

Mental health is refered to as the term for the description of the level of emotional or cognitive well-being. It can also be defined from the opposite as the absence of the mental disorder. It can include the capability of the human being to enjoy life, as well as find the balance between life activities and attempts to reach psychological resilience. It is accepted, and World Health Organization admits that there is no official definition of mental health, because many cultural differences, subjectivity and competing professional theories influence that very definition.

Mental health counseling is defined by Spruill and Fong as an aggregate of the unique scientific, educational, and professional contributions of the scholarly disciplines, advice, and psychology. Mental health counseling can be formal and informal. Precise involves seeing the clinician, while casual can include home sessions, the help of relatives in coping with problems. Another vital issue to mention is multicultural counseling, which stands for the greater awareness of the counselor on regard of the clients’ cultures, differences, values, and diversities. In this case, knowledge of the culture assists in understanding the client better and therefore finding the best way to help him or her. Continue reading

Home Health Care Term Paper

In this paper, I will discuss home care as the component of the U.S. health delivery system continuum. I will describe its role in providing health care services, as well as give the picture of its contribution to the overall healthcare resources management. I will also investigate the role of home care in transitioning patients from the hospital to the home. And finally, in the end, I will examine the present and future trends of home care development.

Home care
Home care or domiciliary is referred to as the supportive care that is carried out in the home of the patient by healthcare professionals, which is also called skilled care in the United States, or by friends or family also referred to as primary caregiver or voluntary caregivers that perform an informal type of care. Usually, the notion home care is involved in differentiating custodial care that is caring, which is provided by people who are not doctors, nurses, or other licensed medical staff, not taking into consideration the term home health care, considers care that is provided by authorized personnel. Continue reading

‘A Very Long Engagement’ Essay

Sèbastien Japrisot’s (the pseudonym of French author Jean-Baptiste Rossi) 1991 novel “A Very Long Engagement” (Un long Dimanche de Fiançailles) deals with the agonizing relations between the soldiers who fought in the nightmare of the First World War and the men and women who were left behind. The book and its 2004 film adaption by Jean-Pierre Jeunet take us to post-WWI France, where we follow the heroine’s journey among colorful characters to find the traces of her lost fiancé.

This paper deals with one of these vibrant characters. A femme fatale played by Marion Cotillard, Tina Lombardi is a temperamental prostitute who is obsessed with a journey of her own – a path of revenge against those who sent her man to the bloody battlefield, a journey that leads her to the guillotine. A lot of insights about the film adaption can be learned from the changes in Tina’s character; some of those ideas are discussed below, accompanied by examples of Tina’s behavior in both media. Continue reading