Supply and Demand Essay

Nowadays the problem of nutrition is getting to be one of the most important in the contemporary world and involves practically all countries and companies operating in this segment of the market. The problem is to a significant extent caused not only by the lack of food that is typical for some developing and underdeveloped countries but also by the quality of food which is common for all countries, including such a powerful and rich ones as the USA.

In recent years, in addition to obesity caused by malnutrition, the US specialists revealed the great danger hidden in such a product as salt which is consumed by Americans daily and often in unlimited quantity. Not surprisingly that this problem provoked numerous discussions and involved mass media. In this respect, the article “The War Over Salt” is particularly noteworthy because it takes into consideration different positions of practically all participants of the conflict: companies, state institutions and agencies, scientists, and consumers. Moreover, this article not simply raises the problem but it reveals the potential threat hidden in the present situation when salt supply and demand remain unchanged.
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Business Communication Essay on Video Conferencing

One of the most efficient innovations in the sphere of information and communication technology is video conference calling, that enables numerous participants that are physically located at different parts of the world not only communicate with each other, but also actually see each other. (Baptist, 2000) While this seems to only minor improvement from the first point of view, actually, when it comes to big businesses and huge deals, it plays a crucial role to see your potential partners/allies, since non verbal communication plays a great role in the process of project and counter party evaluation alike. Therefore, it is apparent that for international corporations and their management, video conference calling becomes one of the most useful tolls in their everyday activities. Continue reading

Essay: Controlling Martha Stewart Enterprises

The key document that lays down the principles of controlling in Martha Stewart Enterprises is titled ‘Corporate Governance Guidelines’. It establishes roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, which is the ultimate decision making body elected by the shareholders. It also specifies how the Chairman of the Board and CEO are elected as well as their functions and competences.

All three standing committees of the Board (an Audit Committee, a Compensation Committee and a Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee) are actively involved in controlling. Audit Committee is the central body responsible for the control over financial matters of the corporation. The position of Chief Financial Officer has been introduced to achieve more effectiveness and transparency in corporate finance. Continue reading

Charisma and Leadership in Organizations Book Report

In his book “Charisma and Leadership in Organizations” Alan Bryman, a reader in social research in the Department of Social Sciences at Loughborough University, United Kingdom, presents an investigation of modern leadership research. He traces the development of different leadership theories starting from the emergence of leadership theory up to present moment. Seven chapters of the book present a fundamental research on the leadership and charisma and their function in modern organizations.

Deep investigation of relationships between the leadership and charisma is presented in several stages starting from the emergence of early leadership theories and finishing with the meaning of these notions at present moment. Bryman puts these two notions in business context and explores the meaning of the new leadership and charisma for contemporary business structures and organizations. This book is a deep and fundamental research on the theme of leadership, which does not only give a description of different leadership theories, but also links them to present moment and puts then in business context. Critical evaluation of different leadership and charisma theories present the author’s position concerning this subject. Describing leadership theories and giving different definitions Bryman presents his vision of their appliance in modern context. Descriptions of different leadership theories in the first chapters serve as a foundation for further research of modern theories used in present time.

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‘Life and Death in Shanghai’ Essay

“Life and Death in Shanghai” is an autobiographical book written by Nien Cheng who expressed her painful personal experience during the Great Cultural Revolution in China. To understand it better I’d like to make a brief historical overview. Chinese Cultural Revolution was a rebellion with the participation of working people and students who stood up against bureaucracy in the communist party.

What were the reasons for the Revolution? It was initiated by Mao Zedun in 1966 to affirm his ideology. He also tried to destroy political opposition. Nien Cheng was guiltlessly imprisoned for six years. She was thought to be a spy because she studied and worked in England. Her book “Life and Death in Shanghai” is based on her practical knowledge, feelings, and sufferings in that period. I must admit that the book captivates attention from the first pages and it seems impossible to put it away until the end. The success lies in sincere and vivid depiction. Besides, the story is written in a lively and fluent language. I remember having read that she rewrote the book for five times, expressing thoughts, checking linguistic mistakes and finally shortening it. I think that Cheng’s imprisonment didn’t influence her as much as the death of her daughter did. It stimulated her to write a book and reveal the truth about Cultural Revolution. History keeps many similar stories, but this one is especially tragic. Nien’s daughter was killed because she didn’t denounce her mother. The girl was mortally beaten. But it was arranged like a suicide as the body was thrown off the 9th floor. Nien Cheng has never forgotten (let alone forgiven) murder of her innocent daughter. Children’s death is the most unbearable pain of all. Continue reading

Essay on Political Climate of the 1950s

The 1950s were a crucial period in world history. In spite of the fact that World War II had already ended, the turbulence and conflicts in international political relations, as well as the domestic policy within the US, still caused numerous troubles to the extent that the events that had occurred during this period practically shaped the future of the US and the entire world. In fact, it should be said that the 1950s were the years of important changes on both national and international levels, and these changes and new trends were not always positive. In stark contrast, some of the trends typical to the 1950s truly threatened to the democratic development of the US and the rest of the world. On the other hand, the 1950s became an extremely important point in the history of the Civil Rights movements in the US as well as in the entire world. Continue reading

Essay on Religion in Prison

Traditionally, religion played an extremely important role in the life of people. In fact, religions accompanied people through their life and often religion was very helpful for many people who searched for a new purpose in life. At the same time, in spite of the declared openness of numerous religions to all potential adepts, there was a category of people that used to be excluded from religious communities. These people were inmates who lost only their freedom, but also lost the possibility to practice the religion they get used to. In such a situation, the position of prisoners was apparently irrelevant to the democratic principles and civil rights and this is why, in the late 20th century, American inmates got the opportunity to practice religions in prison and they could be even converted into some religion while being in prison. Continue reading

Convention on Biodiversity Term Paper

The Convention on Biological Diversity, which is also known as Biodiversity Convention, is said to be the international treaty adopted in June 2002 in Rio de Janeiro. The Convention seeks to accomplish the series of tasks and has three primary goals. The first one is the conservation of biological diversity, second- sustainable utilization of its components and finally, the last goal is to share fairly and equitably the benefits arising from genetic resources. In general terms, the purpose of the Convention is the development of the national conservation strategies and strategies for sustainable use of biological diversity. It is referred to as the principal document on regarding the sustainable development. The Convention was open to the signature on June 5, 1992, in Rio de Janeiro at the Earth Summit and entered into force on December 29, 1993. Continue reading

Essay: How People Respond to Your Mode of Dress

Dress is an important part of our everyday lives, and it has important influence on how people perceive us in all usual settings. The way we dress is accountable for the very first impression we make on people when we encounter them in a habitual or unusual setting. This is a way to make sure that one gets at least a glimpse of the person’s socioeconomic status, class one belongs to, personal preferences and style, and perhaps even professional characteristics. That is why dress became such an important component of everyday routine and contributes so strongly to the initial impression.

To test how important dress is in everyday life, it is important at times to give up the usual routine and dress in a style that is not habitual for a person. I ventured this when I put on evening dress when going to a supermarket. The reaction of people to it told me that it was an important fashion statement that was treated with a respective change in attitude. Continue reading

Lesson Planning Essay

Review Internet Resources
Nowadays the problem of food culture healthy way of life is getting to be increasingly important. Naturally, such trends affect education and may be a primary concern of lesson plans. At the same time, the wide spread of Internet and IT provides the possibility to use new technologies in developing efficient lesson plan.

In this respect, speaking about the problem of food culture it is possible to dwell upon the following websites Healthy Meals Resource system (1) and The Food Guide Pyramid (2). The former website is oriented on children at the age of 8-10 and it suggests plenty of information about child nutrition programs. To put it more precisely, the site contains information as for proper nutrition of children that may be very helpful in the classroom. Continue reading