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Personal Philosophy of Nursing Essay


The profession of Registered nurse plays a significant role in the entire national healthcare system. On my opinion Registered nursing requires a certain personal philosophy from people who plan to master this trade. I hope my own vision of this profession corresponds with its philosophy and ethics.

As in any other profession, in nursing there exist ethical values that are basic for it. In my opinion the major values and features here are humanity, responsibility, compassion, gravity, patience, and reliability. Registered nurse must always know that his/her role in health and life of patients may appear determining, hence requires sound responsibility.

I hope that my personal attitudes toward health, life and death agree with nursing philosophy. I know that life is the greatest value human possesses, therefore preserving and keeping human life is a serious duty. Health is one of the necessary conditions of life, thus health should be taken with the same importance. Death, however, is a natural phenomenon of life completion. Hence death is something we struggle with nevertheless something we have to admit when it comes.

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In my opinion, the scope of my responsibilities to my colleagues as a Registered nurse will include readiness to help any minute and to support in work, ability to adapt to any critical situation and to focus on major problems, teamwork skills, and professional attitude to job.

I believe that society’s expectations from Registered nurses are rather serious. I know society believes in people of this trade and it is of great importance for me to justify hopes of people. In my opinion our society commits to us (the Registered nurses) the most precious things – life and health with sincere trust and faith. Therefore, we must do our best to justify this trust of thousands of people. Society believes in nurses and their professionalism, kindness, patience, and skills. And this is major incentive for our work.

As to my view, the scope of responsibilities of Registered nurse is rather wide. Though this list is very long, briefly I could define the major responsibility of Registered nurse as saving life, maintaining health, helping to survive. Nurse must be professional and skillful, always ready to mobilize all knowledge and abilities for the sake of life and health.

As any other profession, Registered nursing gives certain benefits to society. However I am sure that society benefits from nursing in a special, very significant way. Nursing is a serious part of healthcare system, hence has a special meaning in society life. I will repeat – nursing takes care of human health and saves human life. Isn’t it the greatest benefit?

My personal philosophy of nursing may not be perfect. However, I am sure that my deeds will say much more about me than my words. I will put all my efforts to prove to society that I am worthy of being Registered nurse. I know that I will be the great nurse. Probably one of the best.
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