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Physical Anthropology Term Paper


Paper on Physical Anthropology:

Physical anthropology is the study about the human biological development through the long run of time form the moment of the origin of the human being on the planet till modern times. Physical anthropology is probably the most essential discipline for the one who wants to start learning about the process of evolution of human beings and the peculiarities of the structure of their organism. The study about the human being starts from the analysis of the human remains excavated in different parts of the world dating back to prehistoric times. When one observes the skeletons of the first people, he will notice a considerable difference between them, for example, the modern human skull is not the same than that of the human being 200 000 years ago, the human brain has become bigger and it is possible to say that the intellectual abilities of modern people are better than years ago.

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Physical anthropology can provide the experts with the answer to the numerous social and cultural questions related to the ancient people. For example, with the help of the study of the human skeleton and posture, one can define the human motor skills and the way of her life. Physical anthropology can also provide people with the answer about human diversities from continent to continent dwelling on the ethnical peculiarities of people. The methodology of physical anthropology is based on the methods of comparison and observation and the whole discipline focuses on the evolution theory suggested by Charles Darwin. Anthropologists study the process of the human development comparing the modern people with the representatives of the previous periods and predict the further changes in the human development within the following thousands of years.

Physical anthropology is the discipline which is based on the analysis of the constitution of the human body with the aim to learn something different about the human life thousands of years ago in comparison with modern time. The student is able to construct a quality and well-planned term paper which would cover the problem on physical anthropology from all sides. The student should explain the purpose of the study, the methodology of the discipline and the core questions and issues which are researched within the field of physical anthropology.

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