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Political Geography Essay


The first speaker explains how climatic change affects osmia bees, which are important for pollination. High temperatures extend their development period, making them vulnerable to pests. From the second, I learn that the study of rings in pine trees can tell past climatic seasons. Narrow rings represent a dry climate while wide ones represent a wet season. The third speaker teaches the importance of technology in geography. Machine learning is trying to predict the future from existing examples. From the last speaker I learnt that caves are habitats for living things, and that mapping of caves is very important too.

From the first speaker, climate affects governments. This is because climatic changes could affect the existence of pollination bees, leading to future reduction of food production in eastern USA hence affect the citizens. The country could therefore be faced with low food production case in the future unless measures are taken. The second speakers study revealed that the Mongolian political war was conducted during the wet climatic seasons. This conclusion was made by comparing the rings in the pine trees to the years that the war in Mongolia rose. That way the troupes had access to food and water, which explains how they were energized despite Mongolia being a semi arid area. From the third speaker, the use of technology can help governments predict the future of their geographical stature hence plan for any risks foreseen. Lastly, the last speaker discussed how knowledge of caves and geographical landscapes fostered the Cuban revolution. This knowledge helped the Cubans in the revolution get hiding place and from this, it can be seen that geographical knowledge is political power.

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