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Research and Evaluation Essay


making is a very complicated process and traditionally it needs a lot of experience and skills to go smoothly. In such a situation, it seems to be quite natural that the problem of research and evaluation of decision-making process is of a paramount importance. It is obvious that at the present moment a variety of methods of research can provide ample opportunities for improving the process of decision making.

  1. Among the variety of types of research, cross-sectional research is currently growing to be more and more popular and widely spread to the extent that some specialists believe that it is one of the best types of researches that exist at the present moment (Simpson 2001). Nonetheless, this point of view is to a significant extent erroneous. It is obvious that there is no perfect type of research and cross-sectional research is not an exception from the general rule. In stark contrast, it rather proves the rule since decision making cannot be supported by cross-sectional research only.

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To put it more precisely, an efficient decision making implies the complete understanding of the current situation and the perspectives of its development in the case if this or that decision is made. As a result, not only cross-sectional research is needed but also the full information and analysis of the current situation is needed that may be provided by a variety of qualitative and qualitative researches, as well as forecasting of the future perspectives implies that a researcher should possess a number of tools that provide him with the possibility to foresee the consequences of certain decisions.

  1. Thus, it is obvious that a variety of research needed to be applied in order to efficiently support decision making. Practically it means that a combination of researches should be used. For instance, on making research for Raytheon it is possible to use a combination of researches and it should be a combination of basic and applied research. Basic research provides the information concerning the market Raytheon operates in and fundamental knowledge about the basic principles and trends in this share of the market.

On the other hand, applied research provides a possibility to efficiently apply this knowledge received in the result of basic research in practical life. For instance, since Raytheon is a major military contractor, it is possible to initiate a basic research concerning the main weapons and basic trends in weapon production. On receiving the results of this research, it is possible to start applied research where the concrete weapon would be suggested to develop and promote on the basis of data of the basic research, which helps to define the most prospective areas of weapon development.

In such a situation researchers may deal with an exploratory research where a certain weapon which may be very perspective is defined. Than a constructive research should be made in order to practically realize the development of the new weapon and when the new weapon is created, or at least its experimental model then it is possible to start empirical research which should prove in practice the efficiency and perspectives of the new weapon.

  1. Finally, it is necessary to point out that in the contemporary world an efficient business research should be rather short in a time since the situation in the market is constantly changing and it should involve a possibly larger amount of information. The information should be taken from different sources, including customers, competitors, partners, etc. in order to objectively perceive the real situation in the market. Thus, a possibly shorter in time and larger in the resources research should be quite efficient.
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