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Scholarship Essay Sample


Following my professional vocation, I have come to this turning point in my life where I am ready to start my journey the heights of the nursing profession. With enough background in the area to realize that the field is really my best career choice, I hope to realize my intellectual potential and dedication to care provision in a meaningful and exciting job.

My path here required me to make some drastic changes in my life. Just a year ago, I was an honor student in a high-quality nursing program in the Philippines. When I obtained the US visa, however, I decided that the challenge of transition to a new country will be well worth the effort of moving. Today, I am ready to continue studies in nursing disrupted by coming to the US. Prepared to share my own culture with other students and learn new cultural values from them, I hope that my enrollment in the nursing program will provide me with a good start to an exciting career.

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My educational goal remains consistent throughout my studies: to make the maximum of every learning endeavor and to acquire skills and expertise that I can later translate into effective work for the benefit of other people. This commitment to learning helped me to be a consistent honor student from elementary school up to my university years in the Philippines. I believe that my aptitude for learning and determination in everything I do will drive through studies for an Associate’s degree, help me pass the board exam and complete Bachelor’s studies, possibly followed by Master’s course.

I hope that my graduation that I will make every effort to complete with flying colors will be followed by a long career that will enable me to put the knowledge acquired in academic courses to use for the good of many people. A nursing career is an excellent fit for a person like me who has never missed a chance to give care to those who need it. Care-giving is in my nature, and I am positive that with an in-demand job nursing is there will be plenty of opportunities to fulfill this aspiration. I am also attracted to the medical field by intellectual interest, having been fascinated by the wonders of the human body and medical discoveries since childhood. Nursing is also a great opportunity for me to exercise my well-developed communication skills, connecting with diverse body of patients and medical professionals among whom I expect to find many interesting individuals.

With my background different from that of many other nursing students, I can turn this into an advantage in my studies and work, helping create a more diverse cultural environment. I am also bringing with me my good personality and dedication to make a difference in a career that combines intellectual ability with personal appeal. I have strong belief that these qualities will make me not just a Registered nurse but a respected and effective Registered nurse one day.

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