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SWOT Analysis Essay Example


Analysis of the SWOT Analysis for MTS:

Over the years, MTS has been launching and providing new needed services to its customers.

November 2013 saw the launch of the company’s Home phone MTS in Oryol, Krasnodar, Yekaterinburg, Kirov and Ryazan. The company offers unlimited calls to local fixed line operators at only 100 rubles, and has very low charges of 1.1 rubles per minute reliant on location. The home phone package also comes with low charges for international calls at any time of the day. This has brought the company more profits as customers need not worry about the time when making international calls (CH2M Hill Companies, 2012). A subsidiary of MTS, Comstar, is the only other company that offers such services. Albeit the company is a market leader in the industry, there are myriads of opportunities available to the company to exploit.

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To begin with, the company ought to consider exploiting the niche of customer care. In order for any company to make profits and offer impeccable services to its clientele, it is imperative that that customer care becomes top-notch (SWOT analysis: a tool for making better business decisions., 2008).

Other competitors in the market such as HORIBA, Ltd. have exploited this opportunity by creating customer care services that are efficient and effective. This opportunity is coupled with the provision of aftersales services in the various branches the company has. Since the company provides Digital TV transmission, it ought to provide aftersales services such as free installation and servicing for its clients in order to not only create a rapport, but also acquire new clients (SWOT analysis: a tool for making better business decisions., 2008).

Next in line, the company should launch new products and expand into new markets (Fine, 2009).

Instead of concentrating in its operations in Europe and Asia, the company ought to consider expanding to Africa, Oceania and the America’s to grow its portfolio. Not only will this make the company a market leader, but also it will help the company boost its sales and, eventually, the profits gained from operations (Fine, 2009). The company should also consider provision of new services such as WIFI on the go, cloud services and even possible expansion into online shopping platforms. Such competitors as SHAW have expanded their operations into Go WIFI overseeing a soaring on their market share and sales. Consequently, this is probably the time for the company to contemplate expansion and exploitation of this new opportunity (SWOT analysis: a tool for making better business decisions., 2008).

In conclusion, it is important that MTS considers exploitation of the opportunities available to it.

Investing in new technology, development of an efficient and effective customer care service, offering the relevant aftersales services, expansion into wider markets and finally provision of new products such as WIFI on the Go and cloud services might just be the opportunities the company needs to exploit in order to become a market leader.

These opportunities will not only lead to increased sales and profits, but also they will establish the company and also culminate in the creation of a rapport with the target clients and the already existent ones.

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