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Term Paper on Airport Security


Security Term Paper:

Airport security is the complex of actions which are applied for the protection of the passengers, their luggage, equipment, aircraft, the staff of the airport from the threat of different kind which can cause harm to the human health, life and property. Aircraft is the most widespread and fastest means of travelling and the popularity of planes has increased seriously in the latest decades. I

t is obvious that every day thousands of people pass through the airports in different countries and it is important to maintain security on the highest level. It is quite easy to check passengers and their luggage in the small province airports, but it is far more difficult to cope with the same job in the international airports which have to serve for hundreds thousands of people daily.

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The most obvious threats are related with the negative intentions of criminals to pass boarders of different countries, to steal luggage and to cause harm to the human life. The 21st century has shown that terrorism can embody different forms and aircraft is one of the most dangerous means of terrorism, when criminals decide to steal the plane and make a huge weapon from it, depriving hundreds of people from the chance to survive. In order to prevent terrorists and criminals from committing a crime, numerous services work at the airports all over the world. It is natural that every passenger is checked scrupulously with the help of screens, X-rays, etc. The luggage is also checked seriously in order to make sure the criminal does not transport any dangerous substances and explosive objects which can damage the aircraft. There are many special rules which are obligatory for every passenger who wants to take advantage of the services provided by the selected airline.

Airport security is the complicated issue for the research, because the passengers’ and equipment’s security depends on the quality of the services carried out at the airport. The student is asked to complete a good term paper which would describe the importance of the maintenance of airport security and how it can help prevent terroristic acts and other crimes and the quality of the flight. One should pay attention to the factors which influence the quality of airport security, the methods, equipment, principles, strong and weal sides of the system of airport security existing in the world.

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