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Term Paper on Airtel


Term Paper:

Airtel is the Indian multinational company which provides telecommunication services and is supposed to be one of the most influential companies on the Indian market of telecommunications.

The company provides a range of services, which include mobile telephony, access to the Internet and satellite television. According to the statistics of the year 2009 Airtel had more than 110 million users and it made the company the third largest telecommunications provider in the world in the boarders on the single country. Of course, Airtel is also the largest telecommunication services company in India and attracts more and more users all the time. The company practises the policy of the low prices what makes it attractive for users and this policy has been borrowed by numerous related companies. Airtel is one of the oldest telecommunication companies in India. It started its work in 1983 cooperating with Siemens and producing the first push-button phones.

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Very soon the company developed to the appropriate level and won the right to offer the telecommunication services in India in 1992. Since that time Airtel has conquered numerous small and middle-sized companies offering the same services and became the leading company of this kind on the Indian market. The company has a complicated hierarchy. The services of the Airtel are not controlled from the single centre, but every region and area of the work of the company has its own plan of services. Airtel functions not only in India, but offers its services in the surrounding countries, especially African ones. So, the company provides its clients with quality telephony, television, the Internet, WiFi and makes its services to be applied on smart phones, tablet, personal computers, etc.

Airtel is one of the largest telecommunication service companies in the world and students have to know about the history of the development of such a successful company and the secrets of its success. When the student is asked to prepare a good term paper, they have to collect reliable information about Airtel, the origin of the company, the area of its functioning, the type of services it offers and the structure of the company. It is important to evaluate the quality of Airtel’s services and compare its activity with other similar companies on the market.

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