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Term Paper on Algorithm


Term Paper:

Algorithm is the set of instructions which describe the order of the actions required for the solution of the certain sum or assignment or for the fulfilment of the certain problem. Primarily algorithms were used in mathematics, chemistry, physics, and other sciences calculating numbers and doing various sums, but now the sphere of the algorithm’s application has broadened to the information technologies and is actively used in computing.

Algorithm is an extremely important thing which enables to organize several interconnected processes in the right way and maintain the fulfilment of the major process successfully. Today most people think that algorithms are used only in programming and IT, but it is not right. Of course, the work of the operating systems and appliances is maintained by algorithms, but the term can mean also a certain order of actions in other disciplines and processes. Algorithm is often understood as an instruction of work of a certain appliance, for example, sewing machine, washing machine, etc.

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Algorithm is also an instruction of the fulfilment of the certain tasks, for example, physical exercises, military trainings, etc. The history of the term ‘algorithm’ is very old. The first mentions about it date back to the 9th century, when the Indian mathematicians composed the first counting tables and systems. Speaking about modern algorithms applied in maths and IT, they are quite complicated and extremely varied. One algorithm can consist of a great number of the shorter and easier algorithms which build a certain interdependent system and the success of the whole algorithm depends on the quality of the ones of the lower level.

Algorithms are the so called instructions which maintain the fulfilment of numerous processes and one should know about them everything. Algorithm is a broad term, so students should pay much attention to the objective research of the problem and its right analysis. One is supposed to demonstrate the major points and questions related with algorithms, illustrate the definition of the term from the point of view of various disciplines, which apply algorithms in their practical work. One should compare the use of algorithms in various disciplines and define the differences and similarities between these instructions.

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