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Term Paper on Anger Management


Management Term Paper:

Anger management is the set of techniques and strategies aimed at the appropriate control over the human emotions which can spoil the relations with other people. Anger is a negative expression of the human attitude towards the surrounding events, people and their lifestyle. Anger is most often the result of stress and if the person is emotionally exhausted and can not cope with the difficulties of her life, she gets angry. It is natural, that anger is a negative emotion, which can not solve problems and works only as a destructive force. When the person is angry, she can hurt other people, their worldview, the things they like and this harm can even influence the attitude of the hurt people towards the angry one. If one gets angry quite often, it can spoil his family life, career and health. The human relations are based on the total understanding and cooperation, so if one is angry, he criticizes the surrounding people and with the run of time they start to treat him negatively.

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The human health depends on the balance of the physical and psychological health if the person is angry; it influences her nerves and the major systems of her body, like cardio-vascular and digestion systems, etc. In order to cope with anger one should avoid contacting with people and visiting places which make him angry. If it does not work or it is impossible, one should start doing special exercises which can help her calm down. The most widespread technique is the right deep breathing and slow counting (to ten) trying to relax and forget about the irritant. If the situation is too complicated one can have a massage which would surely relax him.

Anger management is the right topic for the research, because the modern society suffers from this problem a lot and very few people know how to calm themselves down. The student is expected to reveal the major factors of anger, the dangers of anger, the influence of anger on the human social life and her physical and psychological health. The student can dwell on the mechanisms and techniques which can be useful for the appropriate solution of the problem of anger management relying on the existing methods designed by the prominent psychologists or suggest his own new ones.

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