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Term Paper on Asian Paints


Paints Term Paper:

Asian Paints is the chemicals company the headquarters of which are located in Mumbai in India.

The company is supposed to be the first largest manufacturer of paints and various types of other chemicals in India and the third largest and developed company in Asia. Asian Paints is one of the most profitable companies on the market of chemicals in the region, because its annual profit is more than 160 million dollars. The company has quite a long history, because it started its activity during World War 2 in 1942. At first it was a family owned company which was named The Asian Oil & Paint Company. Very soon the company changes the form of its management and becomes a professionally managed organization. The success of Asian Paints can not be overestimated because the company was included into the list of the 200 best small companies constructed by Forbes magazine.

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The company is on its constant way of perfection and development because it has already purchased the smaller chemicals companies trying to occupy the most serious positions on the market of chemicals. Naturally, the choice of its production is quite rich: nearly all types of paints for the industrial and decorative use. Asian Paints sells its production to 17 countries of the world which are mostly concentrated in South and South East Asia, Pacific Ocean and Caribbean region. The company is constantly trying to be close to the client and it changed its logo in order to create a well looking brand image which would be accepted by customers.

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