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Term Paper on Asperger Syndrome


Syndrome Term Paper:

Asperger syndrome is one of the five general developmental disorders, which are characterized with the serious difficulties in the social relations and also limited, stereotypical and repeating types of actions and interests. Asperger syndrome differs from autism with the fact that the speech and cognitive abilities remain unaltered. The syndrome is often characterized with the widespread quality among the patients – clumsiness.

The syndrome got its name in 1944 after the Austrian psychologist and podiatrist Hans Asperger, who described children who were not able to communicate nonverbally and had physical awkwardness towards their fellows. The syndrome became widely used in the end of the 20th century, but there are still discussions concerning the real existence of the syndrome, because the majority of psychologists do not see the difference between Asperger syndrome and autism.

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Besides it is difficult to define the syndrome correctly and psychologists have not defined the frequency of the syndrome among children yet. The cause of Asperger syndrome is not known. The only suppositions touch upon the genetic basis. The difficulty of the detection of the disorder lies in the fact that every case is unique and there are no common symptoms among the patients. The detection of Asperger syndrome is generally based on the behavioural therapy, when the patients are studied according to their physical abilities and nonverbal communicative skills. It has been noticed that the condition of children improves during the process of their growing up but some social and communicative problems remain. Some psychologists treat Asperger syndrome as a slight disorder but not a serious disability which requires curing.

Asperger syndrome is quite a special disorder which is often confused with autism, that is why it still requires deep and scrupulous investigation. A student can devote time to prepare a good Asperger syndrome term paper and try to research the problem well. A good term paper should explain the problem on Asperger syndrome effectively and touch upon its core parts and elements. One should present the symptoms, characteristic features of the syndrome and the possible methods of its treatment. Furthermore, the student is supposed to compare the syndrome with autism and prove the existence of such a difference on the direct examples from the real life.

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