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Term Paper on Atomic Force Microscopy


Force Microscopy Term Paper:

Atomic force microscopy is a high resolution microscopy which is more than 1000 time powerful than optical microscopy which works due to the lenses and light. Atomic force microscopy is considered to be one of the best devices which can detect small forms of life and elements of the atomic level. The device was invented at the end of the XXth century and was introduced into the mass production in 1989. The inventors of the microscope, Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer were awarded with the Nobel Prize for Physics due to their great contribution into the discipline. There are many advantages of the atomic force microscopy, which make it the best one among other microscopic devices.

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First of all in comparison with another powerful scanning electron microscopy it can provide the scientist with the three dimensional image of the object under research instead of a two dimensional one. This gives great advantages for the scientist to study the object better with fewer errors. Then, the microscopy is less expensive and can work in any environment, like air, water and other liquids, while the electric microscopy can work only in the vacuum environment and can not investigate the living organisms in their natural surroundings. The list of disadvantages is a bit shorter. The most essential ones are: it can be used mostly in biology for the research of various organisms and cells; its scanning speed is quite low and it takes more time for the scientist to get a proper scan. Nevertheless, the quality of the gained image is much higher than of the one provided by the electric microscopy.

The term paper on atomic force microscopy is a critical analysis of the device by a student. If a student wants to learn something, he should read a lot and improve his knowledge on the device to be able to find and analyze its advantages and disadvantages. One should read only high-quality literature, get to know with the concrete cases connected with the microscopy to support his point of view with the trustworthy up-to-date facts. The paper should be informative, interesting, possess appropriate structure to keep the reader interested and involved in reading.

In order to achieve this effect a student should learn how to write a good term paper correctly. It is not enough to collect and analyze data, it is important to organize it professionally. A free example term paper on atomic force microscopy is a good help for the young people who possess poor paper writing skills and want to improve them. The internet offers valuable writing assistance in the form on free sample term papers on atomic force microscopy, which teach students to create a proper structure of the paper, format and cite the text well.

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