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Term Paper on Chemistry


Term Paper:

Chemistry is one of the most important and ancient sciences about substances and their interconnection and interrelation during the chemical reactions. As everything in the world consists of atoms, which form molecules, the discipline is about the interaction of atoms and molecules and the results of these connections. Chemistry is closely connected with other disciplines, which study the world around us, like biology and physics. Chemistry is considered to be one of the broadest of the existing disciplines. The knowledge about chemistry appeared many thousands years ago at the dawn of the human civilization. First people understood the power of fire, coal, knew how to make copper, medicine, poison, paint, etc. Such crafts, as metallurgy, pottery, glass making, dyeing, cosmetics were known by people more than two thousand years. In spite of the fact that knowledge on chemistry was always a priority of monks, druids and priests, the basics of chemistry began to spread among common people.

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As a separate discipline chemistry appeared in the 16th – 17th century during the great geographical discoveries, success in physics and the development of industry. When the society of bourgeoisie appeared and the first factories and plants were built, the role of chemistry started to rise very fast, because the creation of new materials and processes required profound knowledge of the discipline. Chemistry became the science known today in the second half of the 19th century when Mendeleev suggested the Periodic table with all the chemical elements. Today chemistry stands in the one row with the most important disciplines concerning medical care, engineering, industry, and nearly everything important for human life.

Chemistry can be called one of the fundamental sciences, whose development can influence the world around us. A good chemistry term paper is a scrupulous research of the general key aspects of the science and its principles. One should devote much time to the investigation of the history of chemistry, its main achievements, strong and weak sides. It is important to explain the value of chemistry for the humanity and the whole world and describe what questions and processes are studied by its experts. It is interesting for students to suggest possible ways for the further development of the science and predict its further achievements.

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