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Term Paper on CNC Programming


Programming Term Paper:

Computer numerical control is the computer system of management which controls and maintains the automation of the machine tools used in manufacturing. The machines equipped with CNC can be represented by the machine tools used for processing of metal (for example, milling or lathe), wood, glass and plastic; sheet cutting; grinding, pressing, etc. A few machine tools can be connected into the one line and cooperate together being managed by the single computer numerical control system and become a separate part of the department. The first machine tool equipped with NC was invented already in the end of the World War II for the automatic production of airscrews. Since that time the technology developed further and numerical control systems have become computerized (CNC appeared).

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The structure of the ordinary CNC machine tool is quite simple. First of all there is the operator’s console, which enables the worker turn the program on, set the mode of operation, etc. Then, there is a display which provides the visual control over the operation. It also can be represented by a separate appliance used for the distance control of the machine. Next, there is a controller, a computer appliance, which solves the tasks of the correct control of the tool which processes the material. With the help of the CNC machine tools people have got wide opportunities to process different materials with the enormous accuracy; it has become possible to produce extremely small items produced with the highest quality and accuracy which was not possible more than a century ago.

When there is the assignment to prepare a CNC term paper, a student should read a lot about the topic to understand it well. There are many reliable sources (books, periodicals and encyclopaedias) which can improve one’s knowledge on the problem. A good term paper should be interesting, informative and explain the problem well. One should describe the manner of work of the system, its structure, historical background, advantages and disadvantages. Then, it is recommended to provide the professor with the types of work where the machine tools functioning on CNC can be used. Moreover, one can suggest new types of CNC systems for other purposes and share these ideas with the professor.

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