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Term Paper on Cognitive Radio


Radio Term Paper:

Cognitive radio is a radio system which is able to receive information about the peculiarities of its own exploitation and to correct the parameters of its work on the basis of this data. Cognitive radio is not a separate service of radio communication, because it can be used as a technology in the frames of any existing radio services.

If a certain radio service of a certain radio spectrum wants to apply cognitive radio, it should possess the distribution in the definite radio spectrum with the right to work on the primary or secondary basis.

The technology of cognitive radio can be used for the reconfiguration of the connection between terminals and several radio systems, operators of radio services for the improvement of the quality of the connection.

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The latest research on the matter has shown in order to exclude radio-frequency interference of radio devices from the system of cognitive radio, it is necessary to apply geolocation database, which contains the information about the location and work of the protected means of communication. The database maintains the choice of the spectrum for the work of cognitive radio in such a way to improve the quality of its work and to avoid interference into the functioning of other systems and means of radio communication. The practical use of cognitive radio is the following – when a certain radio spectrum or channel is started to be used by another radio device, the system or the means of radio communication which is also using it at the moment should find another channel or spectrum in order to avoid interruption of its work.

Cognitive radio is the system which maintains the quality of work of a radio channel. The student is able to observe the problem on cognitive radio and prepare a successful term paper which will observe the issue from all possible sides. One is able to focus on the explanation of the principles of work of cognitive radio and define its advantages and disadvantages. The student can also observe the matter form the point of view of history and other disciplines. It is important to provide the reader with the definite examples of the practical use of cognitive radio illustrating its functions effectively.

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