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Term Paper on the Constitution


Term Paper:

Constitution is the state document, which has the highest legal force. Every country has its own constitution which reflects a great number of issues, like social, political, economic, religious, ethnic and other. Generally, a constitution is a brief document which is not big in volume but has a characteristic feature of condensing the core moral and material values, worldview and other aspects which form the life and functioning of the country.

The first constitution which was created in the human history was the Constitution of the United States which was written in 1787 and approved by all the thirteen states which existed at that time. In the basis of the Constitution lie the principles of the division of the power in the country between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.

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The interesting and effective principle which gave birth to other constitutions in the world was that the power is divided fairly and there is no a heading branch which accumulates the whole power. Every branch has its strong and weak sides and has an enormous impact on the other two branches. So, the branches are closely connected and can not function without one another. Of course, the Constitution was not an ideal document at once, because with the run of time the worldview and the moral values, economic and political issues change, so the Document was improved several times. The Bill of Rights is the set of the amendments to the Constitution which changed the Document in the certain way making it more favourable for the country.

The constitution is the important topic for the research and every student should be aware about the content and meaning of the Constitution of his native country. One should study the document attentively, learn about the history of its creation, read critique about it and evaluate the document objectively. In order to prepare the Constitution term paper the student is supposed to improve his knowledge on the text of the document, interpret it professionally, evaluate the effectiveness and value of the document for the life of the people and the level it regulates the life of the society in the country. In addition one can compare several constitutions of different countries and make the objective conclusions concerning their quality.

The majority of students have troubles with their term papers, because the paper is broad enough and it is complicated to organize it well. A free example term paper on the Constitution can be useful for everyone who is not aware about the ways of writing and research approach. Having read a free sample term paper on the Constitution the student broadens his horizons and trains his constructive and critical thinking skills.

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