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Term Paper on Death Penalty


Penalty Term Paper:

Death penalty is the procedure of execution of a person when she commits a serious crime. Death penalty has always existed and was actively practised in the human civilization. When a person committed a crime (killed someone, stole something or showed her disrespect to somebody), she was executed. Nearly every nation in the world practised death penalty as the strictest sort of punishment and was approved by the governing body, so that was legitimate. It is the ancient form of punishment for serious crimes. With the run of time the situation has changed cardinally. The value of human life has risen and death penalty has become only the extra method of punishment, if the person has committed extremely serious crimes.

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Today death penalty is abolished in most countries of the world, including America and Europe, Australia but it still exists in some regions of Africa and Asia. Capital punishment is also a part of the culture of the country. For example, if someone kills the member of your family, you have the right to kill this person or at least someone from his family. Even some European countries followed this principle but it was abolished for the common well-being. Most countries which have abolished death penalty have substituted it with life imprisonment and simply keep the criminal in jail till the end of his life. Moreover, the most essential plus of life imprisonment is the social work of the prisoners. They have a chance to contribute into the development of the country with their work.

Death penalty is the serious procedure and still there are controversial opinions concerning it.

Some people suppose that it is the only method to reduce crime rates; the others claim that capital punishment is the inhumane action. In order to prepare a good death penalty term paper one should read a lot on the topic to understand it well. It is important to know about the historical background of the problem, find out about the ways and types of death penalty, the most popular methods of execution in different countries. Then, one should research the reasons why it has become abolished and were it still exists and why. Finally, one should discuss the advantages and disadvantages of capital punishment and support the opinion with the trustworthy evidence.

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