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Term Paper on Declaration of Independence


Declaration of Independence Term Paper:

The Declaration of Independence is the well-known document which was adopted by the second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776 and its main idea was the proclamation of independence of the thirteen states from the influence of Great Britain. The influence of Great Britain on the American colonies was extremely serious and the people who lived at that time decided to get rid of this pressure and create their own independent state which would live according to its own rules and preferences. At that time American colonies were treated like the world for the free people who ran away from the European conservative rule, so the Declaration was forced by the intellectual elite of the state, starting from John Adams who forced the adoption of the Declaration and finishing with Thomas Jefferson who was chosen to write the draft of the document. When he wrote the draft, the representatives of the Congress were supposed to study it carefully and edit and supplement it.

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The Declaration of Independence guarantees the protection of the citizen rights, the right for independence from the suppression of Great Britain describing the negative sides of the British rule. The Independence Day is celebrated on July, 4, though it was planned to celebrate it on July, 2. Nowadays it is one of the most important holidays in the USA, because it reminds about the people’s will for freedom of choice of their own way of life without the command of other countries.

The Declaration of Independence is one of the most important statements which gave birth to the new prosperous country known as the USA and every citizen of the country is obliged to know about the document and its principles everything. The student should read through reliable sources about the document and evaluate the impact of the Declaration of Independence on the development of the human rights and freedoms in the local and international context.

The young professional is able to study the document from all sides, learn about its creators and get to know about the factors which influenced them to adopt such a statement. Finally, the student is believed to give the objective opinion about the Declaration and its importance for the country.

The student is able to prepare a quality term paper if he accumulates knowledge and advice from the reliable sources, especially the Internet. It is easy to prepare a quality text if one takes advantage of the online assistance of a free example term paper on the Declaration of Independence written by the qualified expert. The young person can learn about the right structure of the text and format of the paper if she follows the tips of a free sample term paper on the Declaration of Independence composed online.

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