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Term Paper on Employee Retention


Retention Term Paper:

Employee retention is the complex of the company’s efforts and strategies which are aimed to keep its employees as long as possible. It is natural that every company wants to see the stable staff of employees who share their knowledge and talent with the company for its benefit but it is quite difficult to make the well-educated ambitious professionals if the company does not offer anything from its side. The employee turnover is the process which is characterized with the leaving of the certain employees and recruitment of the novice ones. If the turnover is high, the situation with the human resource management of the company is very poor, because it means that the boss can not retain his experienced employees and has to hire the new inexperienced ones, who are not as qualified and useful as the previous ones. The problem is quite serious, so every smart employer has to create an effective strategy which would keep employees as long as possible, because the constant recruitment causes more harm than good. Every novice employee has to be trained and consumes much time and the wasted time is the wasted money.

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The best methods of employee retention are the supply of the employees with the equal opportunities of the career building; the employees should be given a chance of self-development, self-organization and creativity, ad very often talented employees are not permitted to fulfill the job in the way they want; there should be financial motivation; freedom and respect.

Employee retention is the important indicator of the company’s successful work and the student who is researching the topic deeper should learn about the problem much in order to present a well-analyzed assignment to the professor. A successful employee retention term paper is supposed to contain the profound investigation of the problem, explain its purpose, importance of the employee retention for the financial stability and improvement of the company, the factors which maintain employee retention, the problems which occur if the employee turnover is high and the methods and strategies which are supposed to help employers keep the members of their staff stable. In the end, the student should summarize the paper writing about the importance of employee retention and the urgency of the problem.

A term paper is a serious challenge for students and if they want to cope with it, a free example term paper on employee retention in India can be a good piece of assistance for them. With the help of the Internet and a free sample term paper on employee retention strategies it is easy to catch the right manner of writing, the appropriate format of writing, the way of the research of the topic and the supply with the argumentation.

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