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Term Paper on Endangered Species


Species Term Paper:

Endangered species are the species of animals which can disappear from the surface of the planet under the influence of various factors, mainly because of the anthropologic activity. The extinction of biological species is a natural process, but nowadays the tempo of extinction is so high, that very soon the majority of animals will disappear. Every year thousands of species become extinct and the flora and fauna of Earth becomes poor.

It is obvious that endangered species require protection from the government on all levels, but very few animals are really protected, because people guess that there are more important issues that the extinction of biological species. The main cause of the poor protection of species is the refusal of the country to devote a part of its territory on the creation of the national parks and protected areas, where animals can live without the harmful influence of the human activity.

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Moreover, animals can be protected with the help of the laws, for example, the government can prohibit hunting. In fact, very often people fail to save animals because of the lack of knowledge about the structure of an ecosystem and the rules of the existence of animals in it. Even if the national park is created, the species can continue dying, because the organisms which are required in the food chain disappeared. That is why, today the human being should think not about the protection of chosen specie of animal but about the protection of the whole ecosystem which supports its existence and quality life. The protection of endangered species is a noble task for the humanity, if it wants to save the biodiversity on the planet.

Endangered species are the animals which are too close to the extinction. The student who has decided to reveal his knowledge about the issue should collect much information from the trustworthy sources in order to operate the quality facts and analyze the topic professionally. The task of the young person is to observe the reasons and effects of the extinction of species and the reduction of the biologic diversity; the methods and techniques of the solution to the problem, the geography of the endangered species and the actions of the government aimed at the solution of the problem.

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