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Term Paper on Erik Erikson


Erikson Term Paper:

Erik Homburger Erikson is the American-German psychologist of the Jewish origin. he worked in the sphere of developmental psychology and psychoanalysis. Erikson is famous for his theory of the stages of the psychosocial development and is known to be the author of the term identity crisis. Erik Erikson was the follower of Sigmund Freud and he managed to broaden the sphere of psychoanalysis and develop its principles due to the fact that he observed a child in the wider scope of factors which influence its development. He claimed that the process of bringing up influences the child’s social relations and the child absorbs all the values and norms of the human society. Due to the difference of the cultural traditions and place of living even the children who are brought up in the same economic conditions grow up as different personalities.

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According to the Erikson’s point of view the human identity and its development is based on the expectations which exist in the society. The human being will grow up in the way the society requires her it. In fact, the genetic or biological factor plays the same important role, because on the way of the child’s development the child goes through the definite stages and overcomes numerous crises which influence her identity together with the social environment. The human being develops due to the involvement into the definite social groups (nation, social class, professional group, etc). Identity is the factor of the psychological health and if the person fails to find her identity (she does not find her place in the society), she is supposed to be lost.

Erik Erikson is the famous psychologist who has made a great contribution into the sphere of the human identity development. The student who is interested in psychology and psychoanalysis is able to broaden his outlook and learn about the scientific work of Erik Erikson and get to know about his ideas and contribution into the science. The student is able to focus on the major points of Erikson’s work and present his prominent contributions and ideas which can be called interesting and relevant even today. The student is expected to evaluate the issue about Erikson objectively and complete a broad description of his work.

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