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Term Paper on Feminist Criminology


Criminology Term Paper:

Feminist criminology is the branch of criminology which tries to protest against the situation of the male dominance in the sphere of crime and the belief that women are less likely to commit a crime than men. Feminist criminology appeared in the beginning of 1960s and was the reaction of women about their place in the system of crime and punishment. According to the general idea of that time women were not likely to commit serious crimes, being more peaceful and tolerant.

Women were believed to spend the majority of their time at home working about the house and it was unbelievable that the women could go out at night and commit a crime. Moreover, women were believed to have totally different type of psychology and could not commit crimes trying to solve their problems in the peaceful way. With the development of various feministic movements women demanded to achieve equality with men in all questions, including criminology.

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It was wise to struggle for the total equality in positive and negative things and women managed to break the myth about the female disability of committing crimes demanding the equal punishments for men and women. It is natural that for the long time criminology was based on male stereotypes about women but today the majority of these stereotypes have been broken and the visible equality has been achieved. Although, there is success in the sphere of criminology, many problems still exist, for example, the current system of juvenile delinquency still treats young women as less violent, rebellious and more tolerant and peaceful individuals, while young men are believed to be more likely to commit all sorts of crimes and receiving stricter punishment.

Feminist criminology is the serious issue which is worth student’s attention, because one is able to observe the peculiarities of the feminist movements and their influence on all spheres of the women’s life. The student should dwell on the history of the development of the phenomenon, the factors which caused its development and the aims which were supposed to be achieved with the help of the development of feminist criminology. The student can pay attention to the main points observed in feminist criminology is evaluate the current condition of criminology from the point of view of feminism.

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Custom Term Paper on Feminist Criminology

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