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Term Paper on Fibre Optics


Optics Term Paper:

Fibre optics is the technology of application the plastic or glass fibres or threads for the transition of information. The technology of fibre optics is quite a brand new and gained its popularity, thought it appeared not many years ago. The experts claim that fibre optics has many advantages over the other threads, especially the metal ones which are applied nowadays. There has appeared the idea recently about the change of the technology of the regular metal threads applied in networking and communication into the optic cables which have a range of advantages.

First of all, the cables are able to transmit more information in the less consumption of time due to their structure and special characteristics of the materials applied for this purpose. Then, optic cables are supposed to be of a bit higher quality concerning their resistance towards the outer effects.

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For example, metal cables can be easily damaged by the factors of the outer environment, especially moisture, low and high temperatures, etc. glass and plastic fibre does not have troubles in this aspect. Next, fibre optics is supposed to be lighter and thinner due to their characteristics than the metal cables and they occupy less space. The most useful quality of fibre optics is its opportunity to transmit information in the digital way in the comparison with the analogical way of the metal cables. Unfortunately, there are several negative sides of fibre optics which is believed to be more fragile, so it is applied in local networking. Moreover, it is quite expensive and requires appropriate condition for instalment and use.

Fibre optics is the next step in the technology of data transition which is based on the application of glass and plastic fibres in network communication. The student is able to observe the topic in detail and find out about the main aspects of the use of fibre optics, its functions, qualities and the history of its creation. The young person should compare fibre optics with other types of cables in order to learn about the strong and weak sides of the technology. Finally, one should define the sphere of its use and predict the further development of the technology and its spreading in the system of network communication.

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Custom Term Paper on Fibre Optics

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