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Term Paper on Good Governance


Governance Term Paper:

Good governance is the complex of efforts, reforms and policies which are supposed to improve the financial, political and social condition of the country on all levels of its existence. The theory of good governance was suggested by the UNO in 1997, when the organization prepared a set of documents which can improve the situation of any country if it makes the definite political steps aimed at the improvement of its life. The three major branches of good governance theory embrace the reforms in economics, political and administrative bodies of the state. Good governance has several core principles which can ensure the successful result – the distribution of powers, civil rights, civil control over the state, free democratic elections, the importance of law, political pluralism, transparency, independence of mass media from politics and the domination of democratic values in the society. At the same time good governance is the ability to achieve objectives on time and with the minimum of expenditures, so that it is the trait of perfect resource management and administrating.

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The goals are reached when the principles of democracy and effectiveness of management cooperate with each other making a constructive and efficient tandem. The most important factors which can ensure good governance are the rule of law (the fair laws which protect the human and civil rights); equity and inclusiveness; participation of citizens in the political activity and decision making of the state; responsiveness, effectiveness and efficiency, etc. The theory of good governance was created for the maintenance of the political and financial development of the third world countries which require advice and assistance being unable to work out the right packet of reforms themselves.

Good governance is the theory of the successful development and administrating of the country and it can be close to the students who are interested in the political sciences. The young person can complete a good term paper focusing on the cause and effect of the creation of the package of the documents of good governance, discuss the history and peculiarities of the theory, etc. One has to observe the problem in detail in order to cover all the aspects of the matter. It is important to cover the factors and major points of the theory on good governance and observe its strong and weak sides.

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