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Term Paper on Grameenphone


Term Paper:

Grameenphone is one of the largest telecommunications service providers among the similar Bangladesh companies. According to the statistics Grameenphone has nearly 50 million clients and it makes it the leader in the country. Gremaanphone is known to be the joint venture shared between Telenor and Grameen Telecom Corporation. Telecom is the leading telecommunications service provider in Norway and it owns about 55% of the Grameenphone’s shares, while Grameen Telecom Corporation owns 34% and the rest of the shares are owned by the private individuals.

Grameenphone is known to be the most successful provider of telecommunication services in Bangladesh and it was the first provider which started to offer GSM services and took care about its clients seriously. For example, the company was the first one to create an all day round call-centre which is aimed to answer to the questions of the clients if they have problems with the service.

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Grameenphone was founded in 1997 and since that time the company developed seriously and invested billions of dollars into the improvement of the quality of its services. It does not worth mentioning that the provider offers additional services except of the mobile communication. For example, the company offers the Internet services, which has a thick coverage even in the small villages. Furthermore, the provider enables its clients to purchase goods and services through its network and even pay bills. In order to attract clients and reduce taxation Grameenphone has become a serious sponsor of numerous events and processes in the country. For example, it is one of the leading sponsors of the Olympics team of Bangladesh, sponsor of the sports competitions on the territory of the country, donator into the healthcare and other sectors.

Grameenphone is the most successful Bangladesh telecommunications service provider, which has the right to be studied by students. One is able to prepare a term paper about the provider and learn about the secrets of its success. The student is expected to get to know about the history of the company, its functions, structure, strong and weak sides, activity beside the telecommunications service providing, etc. One can compare the service with the other companies in Bangladesh and define why Grameenphone is the leading provider in the country.

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