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Term Paper on Hemophilia


Term Paper:

Hemophilia is the hereditary disease which is connected with the disorder of coagulation and hemorrhage into joints, muscles and internal organs spontaneously and in case of injury or surgery.

Hemophilia increases the risk of the patient’s death because of the hemorrhage into the brain and other important organs even because of the non-serious injury. The people who fall ill with hemophilia most often suffer from disability, because of the constant hemorrhage into joints and muscle tissues. Hemophilia belongs to the genetic or hereditary diseases, which are not obtained during the course of life but exist just from the moment of the human birth. The disease occurs because of the alteration of the one gene of X chromosome. There are three types of hemophilia which differ according to their complexity and peculiarities.

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Hemophilia A is the most widespread type of the disease (more than 80-85%) and it is characterized with the lack of the required protein in the human blood. The most obvious symptoms of hemophilia are frequent bleedings from the first months of life. The slightest hit and injure provokes hematomas.

Hemophilia is supposed to be the male disease; while women can just be the bearer of the disease giving birth to the ill boys and girls-bearers. The biggest false prejudice related with the disease is that the patient can die from bleeding just being slightly cut. It is not true, as only serious injuries and surgical penetration can cause serious consequences to the human life. Unfortunately, there is no cure to hemophilia yet and physicists can only prolong the patient’s life and reduce his suffering.

Hemophilia is a serious incurable disease and the student is able to learn about it more in order to complete a good term paper which will reveal the topic from all sides. First of all, one should read about the peculiarities of the disease through the trustworthy sources. It is wise to learn about the cause and effect, the symptoms, the types of hemophilia and the methods which are applied for the reduction of the harmful effect of the disease. The young person is able to share his ideas about the possible approach towards the treatment of the disease demonstrating his knowledge and creativity.

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