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Term Paper on Hinduism


Term Paper:

Hinduism is one of the Indian religions which is characterized with the set of the religious traditions and philosophical schools, which have got common features and originated in the Indian subcontinent. Historically the meaning of the term ‘Hinduism’ is translated from Sanskrit like ‘eternal religion’, ‘eternal way’ and ‘eternal law’. According to the research and opinion of some scholars and anthropologists Hinduism includes also Buddhism and Sikhism, but according to the Indian scholars they are considered to be separate religions. Hinduism has its roots in the ancient Vedic civilization and is believed to be the oldest religion. In comparison to other religions Hinduism does not have a founder, there are no systems of believe and common rules and principles of faith.

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Hinduism is a complicated system of the different religious traditions and philosophical systems of faith which are base on different and often controversial points of view, like monotheism, polytheism, pantheism and atheism. Hinduism has got a great number of sacramental texts, like the Vedas, Ramayana, Mahabharata, etc. Hinduism is the third most popular religion in the world after Christianity and Islam and nearly one billion of people consider themselves its followers. The religion has become popular far from the Indian subcontinent in the beginning of the 20th century and such important for Hinduism principles like karma, yoga and vegetarianism have become widely known and practised in the world.

The topic of religion is very important in the modern civilization and if one wants to dwell on the one of them, it is a good choice to pay attention to Hinduism. A well-organized Hinduism term paper is supposed to be interesting and informative. A student will need to read books, encyclopedias and articles on Hinduism to collect as much data for the analysis as possible. If one’s knowledge on the topic is rich, he will be able to draw smart conclusions and analyze the problem from all sides. One should explain the meaning, the key principles and philosophical ideas of Hinduism and present its sacrament text describing their main ideas which inspire the followers of this religion.

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