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Term Paper on HRM Practices


Practices Term Paper:

Human resource management practices are operations and methods used to control human resources and improve the quality of their work and job satisfaction. A smart businessman who cares of the success of his business should pay enough attention to the employees, the working atmosphere, problems they face. A skilful manager knows special techniques which help his communicate with the staff, help the employees with a good piece of advice and friendly support.

Furthermore, if an employee has done his job badly, the manager should control his emotions and never punish the employee severely but provide him with the instructions and recommendations which will help him avoid similar mistakes in future.

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The practices on human resource management are based on the knowledge of the range of disciplines, starting from the major ones, like business, marketing and management and finishing with psychology. The latter is very important for the communication with employees and achieving their attention and respect. If a boss is able to communicate with employees, provide them with sensible instructions, advice, control their work, their attitude to the job and the quality of work, he will achieve respect of the whole staff, being a multitasking expert in their eyes. There are many techniques and methods with help manage human resources and every method is appropriate to a certain type of the organization and kind of employees. The manager should be wise and experienced enough to choose the best method which will be useful for the development of the company.

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