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Term Paper on Industrial Conflict


Conflict Term Paper:

Industrial conflict is the conflict which is based on the poor interpersonal relations within the single or several companies. A conflict is a natural phenomenon which is characterized with the egotistic and ambitious traits of a human being.

Very often there are conflicts within the group of people, because they just can not share their duties and perform their work in the appropriate way without the wish to show off and boast with one’s results trying to be better than others. Industrial conflicts are caused by a great number of background reasons, starting from the respect of the employer and finishing with the desire to save the workplace. In modern times when it is becoming more and more difficult to find a good workplace, more and more conflicts occur just because employees want to show themselves from the most positive side and to gain respect from the side of the boss and receive the chance for the career rise.

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Industrial conflict is a negative phenomenon which often causes harm to the financial growth and stability of the company, because very often the rival employees try to spoil the result of the work of each other and the company’s average performance reduces. When conflicts within the single company occur frequently, it will be the advantage for the rival companies. On the other hand, when there are industrial conflicts within a firm, it can be for its good, because sometimes employees protest against the out-of-date technologies and suggest the new ones. The best way to avoid industrial conflicts is the constant monitoring of the working atmosphere in the staff and skilful management of the existing problems by the employer or the managers of the higher ranks.

Industrial conflict is a frequent problem which occurs within a firm and touches upon the interpersonal relations. The student who is asked to complete a term paper about the matter should explain to the reader the cause and effect of industrial conflicts, their types, resolution and prevention. One is able to observe the definite examples of industrial conflicts in order to provide the professor with the up-to-date and reliable facts and arguments about the issue. The young professional can also focus on the psychological and managerial approach towards the problem and think about the methods which would help the employer resolve conflicts.

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