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Term Paper on John Dewey


Dewey Term Paper:

John Dewey is the American philosopher, psychologist and reformer of the sphere of education.

John Dewey was the worthy representative of the philosophy of pragmatism and the founder of functional psychology, the propagator of the progressive trend of education. Although Dewey is famous for his publications in the sphere of pedagogy, he also wrote about such issues as experience, nature, art, logics, democracy and ethics. Dewey thought that the most essential components of democracy are schools and civil society. According to his opinion democracy is not set only due to the general vote right, but also due to the well-formed public thought, which can be formed with help of the effective system of communication between the citizens, experts and politicians. The latter have the whole responsibility for the policy they try to carry out. The educational ideas of Dewey are quite interesting and have the qualities of instrumentalism. He thought that the child learns something new not because to receive the same knowledge accumulated by the previous generations, but for the activity he is interested in.

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Dewey managed to combine such components as learning and practice which means the person’s opportunity to apply her theoretical knowledge on practice. According to his ideas, the child has to pass through the five stages in order to reach to the truth. The first step is the understanding of the problem; the second – definition and detection of the problem; the third – imagining of the possible solution; the fourth – the detection of the consequences of the possible solution; the fifth – the further observation and experiments which let draw the conclusion containing the positive or negative opinion.

John Dewey is the world-famous pedagogue and philosopher who influenced the approach towards education and methods of teaching seriously. The student has to observe the activity of the talented pedagogue and learn about his ideas and methods of teaching in order to understand the usefulness of his ideas and his influence of the modern system of education. One is expected to define the major sectors of Dewey’s activity and evaluate the relevance of his views in the current sphere of education.

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