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Term Paper on Julius Caesar


Caesar Term Paper:

Julius Caesar was a Roman politician, emperor, general and writer who lived in the 1st century BC. The activity of Julius Caesar influenced the cultural and political image of Europe and the countries of the Mediterranean region. The life of Julius Caesar was very hard, in spite of the fact that he comes from the ancient family.

In comparison with other emperors of the Roman Empire he did not inherit or conquer the throne, but received in the legal way. He took part in numerous military conflicts, defeated Pompey and was called one of the best orators in the Empire. After the defeat over Pompey, Julius Caesar became a dictator who had the right to rule no more than ten years. Caesar traveled to Egypt, where he had close relations with Cleopatra and he wanted to restore the prestige of Rome in these lands in this way. Having received the unlimited power, Julius started to carry out reforms in different sphere of life of the country.

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First of all he increased the number of senator in senate in order to reduce its authority and he had the right to veto any senate’s decision. He also started the active colonization of Italian peninsula.

He focused on the restoration of small settlements and awarded large peasant families if they agreed to live in small villages and develop agriculture. Moreover, he limited the migration into Rome in order to reduce the tension in the city. Caesar also carried out the calendar reform creating the calendar which existed for centuries in many countries of the world. The dictator was assassinated in senate and his last words are known all over the world “And you, Brutus?”

Julius Caesar is the prominent personality in the human history and the student has the chance to learn about the personality more. The young person has the opportunity to dwell on the life and political activity of Julius Caesar, the reforms carried out by the dictator, the positive and negative solutions and decisions of dictator, etc. The student has the chance to prove that he has well-developed critical thinking skills and that he is able to evaluate the activity of Julius Caesar and his influence on the world. One should present a full picture of the dictator and analyze his activity objectively.

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