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Term Paper on Land Reform


Reform Term Paper:

Land has always been the greatest wealth, no wonder there always been numerous conflicts based on land ownership. Land reform is the reform of ownership of the land, certain areas of land which is supposed to change one type of owner to the other. Since time immemorial land belonged to the wealthy magnates who used it in the agricultural purposes and hired peasants to cultivate and work there. Today the majority of the lands belong to the country and the government orders and decides how to use it. It is obvious that the individual households and farms are considered to be the key to success of the country’s economics and agriculture in particularly. It is not quite reasonable to deprive people from land and organize government-owned farms, because an individual with his own land can bring higher profit into the budget of the country and provide the people of the country with the food products of higher quality.

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Land reform touches upon such core questions as the extensive and intensive agriculture. It does not worth mentioning that one should not increase the areas for agriculture without the changes in the quality of land processing, because the effect will not be noticeable. It is important to improve the technologies of land processing and optimize the branch of agriculture in intensive ways. One of the ways to achieve optimization is to provide small individual households and farms with help and donations and they will improve the quality of work and will be the source of high profits and top-quality healthy food products.

Land reform is an urgent problem in many countries, were agriculture requires optimisation. Every student who is going to research the problem on land reform and prepare a term paper on it should describe the topic from all sides and touch upon every essential moment. A good land reform term paper is supposed to possess a correct structure and analyze the problem deeply presenting all the advantages and disadvantages of a land reform. One should dwell upon the factors which can be cause of land reform and predict its effect professionally. Students are expected to summarize the topic effectively and suggest the best scenario of a land reform ideal for the development of agriculture.

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