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Term Paper on Norse Mythology


Mythology Term Paper:

Norse mythology is the mythology of the German and Scandinavian tribes which was formed approximately in the 5th century AD before the establishment of Christianity on their territories.

Norse mythology is associated with pagan cults, rich set of legends and myths, its own pantheon, traditions and customs. Scandinavian mythology is extremely interesting and nowadays attracts attention of many people, especially the ones who want to get absorbed into the pagan traditions embraced with mystery and old traditions. Scandinavians invented their own variant of the creation of the universe and it resembles other theories of other ethnic groups which divided the world into the good and evil, powerful gods, etc. At first there was the entire emptiness called Ginnungagap. On the one side of this place was the kingdom of ice called Niflheim and on the other side – the kingdom of fire – Muspelheim. The structure of the world was very complicated.

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The place where people live was called Midgard. Above Midgard was the place of life of the gods Asgard (here there structure resembles Ancient Greek’s Olympus). The underworld or the traditional hell was called Helgard. It was believed that Scandinavian warriors who died in the battle found themselves in Asgard alongside with gods. Norse mythology is connected with the legends and myths about the major god Odin and his son Thor who struggled against giants and maintained piece in the world. Besides, the myths also present the detailed structure of the world and its creation and touches upon every important moment related with gods and other supernatural powers and creatures influencing the life of Scandinavia for the ancient people.

Norse mythology is the valuable tradition of Scandinavia and it should be respected and studied for the personal development and broadening of the horizons. It is interesting to compare Norse mythology with the mythologies of other countries and define the similarities and differences between them. The student should define the major aspects of Norse mythology, study the main myths, active figures, gods, creatures and the structure of the world and define the impact of the myths on the activity of Scandinavians on the world arena. It is reasonable to evaluate the importance of Norse mythology for the culture of Europe and its people.

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