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Term Paper on Parts of Speech in English


of Speech in English Term Paper:

In linguistics one of the most essential categories of word is the category of part of speech. Nearly every language of the world divides its words into the certain parts of speech which are selected according to their syntactical function and morphological function. The question of parts of speech is quite complicated, because in some languages it is impossible to define whether the word is a noun or an adjective and such part of speech as an adverb is simply confused with an adjective or simply does not exist at all. The English language is quite simple in the detection of the parts of speech in a sentence. Although, there are many classifications of the parts of speech and every scholar has his own opinion about it, there are eight generally known parts of speech in the English language.

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The primary or main parts of speech are: noun, verb, adverb and adjective. Other four parts are: pronoun, preposition, conjunction and interjection. The main parts carry the most important function of the language, the function of sense or informative or descriptive. Every word of the main parts of speech defines a certain object, process, quality and quantity. The other parts of speech simple connect the main ones between one another. The only part of speech which makes the emotional coloring into the language is interjection. Moreover, in comparison with adjective or adverb, interjection is present nearly in every language of the world, because it plays the function of address and greeting.

The problem of the category of parts of speech is one of the most essential ones for every linguist who has devoted his life to the investigation of the languages, their functions, their interconnections, differences and similarities. In order to prepare a good term paper it is important to read reliable sources about the parts of speech in English to know about the all possible classifications which define this or that part of speech. There are many books and articles which describe the parts of speech of the language and explain everything in detail. One should only find these essential sources which are the basis of linguistics. The paper is expected to be informative, logical and interesting for reading. The term paper is interesting if it contains some new facts, so a student is free to offer his own concepts and ideas concerning the classifications of parts of speech.

A free term paper on parts of speech in English is a good model for writing a successful paper, because it is generally composed by an expert who knows nearly everything about the topic. It is useful to take advantage of a free sample term paper on parts of speech in English and borrow its structure and manner of writing for your own original term paper and impress the teacher with the quality of its organization.

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