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Term Paper on Political Ideology


Ideology Term Paper:

Political ideology is the certain social, cultural, political and economic order in the society set by the government which is maintained by the chosen policy and symbolism (key personalities which advertise the ideology and the events connected with it). During the long history of its existence the human civilization has created a great number of various political ideologies which served to organize the life of the country. The most well-known political ideologies are absolutism, aristocracy, autocracy, capitalism, communism, conservatism, democracy, dictatorship, fascism, imperialism, monarchy, nationalism, socialism, etc. Absolutism is the political ideology which is characterized with the unlimited power of the ruler. Centuries ago the majority of the European countries had the political system called absolute monarchy, when the whole country was controlled by a monarch.

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When some rich social class receives the power and influences the political situation in the country, such system is called aristocracy. The political ideology, which is close to absolutism, is called autocracy, because the decisions are made by the single ruler. Capitalism is the political ideology based on the private property. Communism is the opposed to capitalism ideology based on the social or common property; people fulfill the common amount of work and are awarded according to the amount of the completed work. Democracy is the political ideology which is characterized with the power of common people who elect their representatives into the ruling bodies. Dictatorship is another similar to autocracy and absolutism ideology where the whole power and resources of the country belong to one person.

There are many political ideologies in the world and the humanity has not found the single ideal one which would satisfy the needs and believes of every member of the society. When a student wants to prepare a good political ideology term paper, he will have to investigate the topic in detail and get to know about every existing ideology. First of all it is important to understand the meaning and the value of political ideology for the development of the society and the country. Then, one can devote time to the investigation of different ideologies and analyze their advantages and disadvantages. A student can try to think about the ideal political ideology and describe its key features and present the methods which can be useful to set up this ideology.

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