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Term Paper on Product Life Cycle


Life Cycle Term Paper:

Product life cycle is the complex of the interconnected processes of the change of the condition of the product from the beginning of the design and manufacturing of the product till the moment of the stop of its exploitation and utilization. The term “production” means the material and abstract result of the physical and intellectual activity which used by consumers.

The natural product life cycle starts from the research, planning and other processes which are supposed to define the demand of the consumers, their expectations about the product, the methodology of its manufacturing, the selection of the materials and resources, the way of marketing, sale and transportation. The next step is the embodiment of the plan, tables and schemes.

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On the basis of the results of the work of engineers the product is manufactured by the constructors according to the instructions. The following step is the exploitation of the product.

Consumers buy goods and exploit them in the way they want. If one is a careful consumer, he will use the product correctly following the recommendations and the product will serve a lot. The last step in the life of a product is utilization. When the product can not be repaired and used anymore, the consumer throws out this product and the special services utilize it at the definite plants which recycle wastes and the used production in order to make the new one. Every product has its own life cycle and the only different is the time of its exploitation, because there are high quality goods which can serve for ages and poor quality ones which should be utilized the next day after exploitation.

Product life cycle is the period of time from the production of the goods to their utilization. Every company has to think about the last step of the cycle which is often missed, because very often there are products which can not be utilized and it affects the natural environment negatively. The term paper about product life cycle should explain the relevance of the problem, the detailed description of life cycle on the definite examples of several products, the factors which influence the cycle, the functions and the role of the process and its strong and weak sides. The term paper should be summarized in the right way and the topic on product life cycle should be evaluated professionally.

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