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Term Paper on Professionalism


Term Paper:

Professionalism is the trait of an individual, who is strong at the certain sphere and possesses rich experience in this practice. Professionalism is the important quality, because only the professional in the definite activity is able to cope with the work effectively. A professional possesses knowledge about the phenomenon or practice and can organize his work correctly in order to fuflill it on the highest level. Professionalism is required in every sphere of the human activity, because everyone wants to receive top-quality help and purchase high-quality goods and services. The product can not be of the highest quality if it is not prepared by the real professional who has designed and manufactured it well. Professionalism is especially important in such fields as health care, technologies, education, etc. It is easy to imagine the result of the work of the poorly-qualified physicist or engineer of various vehicles or the nuclear power plant. Millions of lives depend on the knowledge and skills of the professionals in various spheres.

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Professionalism is important in every occupation, because if the person has skills and deep knowledge about something, her work and the results of her work will be valuable for the people around. No matter what the occupation is, the professional in his field always finds a job and he will be always paid well and respected. Professionals are praised all over the world and every organization which wants to reach success tries to attract the brightest minds and the most skilful hands for its own profit. Professionalism is the result of hard work and constant exercises and practising in the chosen sphere.

Professionalism is the highest level of the development of the human skills and knowledge in the certain discipline of practice. The student can prepare a quality term paper about the topic and demonstrate how professionalism influences the quality of work and the condition of the definite firm. It is important to explain the meaning of professionalism, the factors which influence it, the elements of the phenomenon and the methods which can be helpful for the improvement of the professional’s skills. The student should summarize the paper in the right way and observe the importance of professionalism on the direct examples.

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