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Term Paper about Market Structure


Structure Term Paper:

Market structure in economics is the number of companies which produce the identical goods and services and form a sector of the market. The market consists of numerous sectors, and one can imagine the number when thinks about the quantity and variety of products sold there. The market structure is quite a complicated formation, because every sector is connected with the other one and the groups of products on the common sector of the market compete with one another with purpose to attract as many consumers as possible. There are several types of market structure and every type is characterized with its specific qualities and features. The first type of the market structure is the fair competition. The sector consists of a great number of firms every of which has its own part of the market. The next type is oligopoly. It is characterized with the fact that a small number of the big corporations share the sector of the market and control it firmly.

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Duopoly is the type of the structure consisting of two companies which control the whole sector of the market together. Monopoly is the kind of the market structure which is characterized with the single company which controls the whole sector of the market and does not have any serious rivals. There are many other kinds of market structures and it is obvious that the type depends on the quantity of the participants on the sector of the market. The type of market structure influences the quality and price of the production. If the competition is high, the price will reduce, if the number of the firms is low, the price will grow.

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