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Term Paper on Right to Die


Right to Die Term Paper:

The right to die is the right of every person to stop her life and practise voluntary euthanasia.

Obviously, this problem is quite relevant, because there are many diseases that can not be cured, therefore people decide to die than to survive pain. Years ago, the right to die was quite a regular action, because it was a norm that one controls his life totally and can do anything with it. When a person realized that she is close to death and that her wounds or illnesses are fatal, she could ask to kill her. Many people who do not believe that they can be cured commit suicide or practice the action of assisted suicide – a type of suicide that is committed with the assistance of a physician or another third person. The most frequent cases of voluntary euthanasia occur among patients who have terminal illnesses, for example, last stages of cancer or AIDS. They do not want to bear pain and to prolong their life in the artificial way, so assisted suicide is the most common decision among such patients.

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Naturally, the attitude towards the right to die is different in different cultures and religions. In some cultures suicide is a norm and many people practise it when they are close to dying. In other cultures and religions the right to die is severely disputed, because they believe that euthanasia is a serious sin and one must not stop him life when he wants, though from the point of view of medicine and its ethics it is possible to practise euthanasia in order to stop patient’s suffering.

The right to die can be a good topic for research, because students are able to observe this controversial issue from different sides supporting their own point of view with the help of the reliable evidence. It is important to study the peculiarities of the right to die, its principles, ethics, origin, etc.

Moreover, it is wise to focus on this problem from the point of view of different cultures in order to illustrate a full image of the right to die, its strong and weak sides. Young people need to dwell on the interesting and detailed observation of this problem in order to complete a good term paper that will be marked with the highest score.

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