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Term Paper on Romanticism


Term Paper:

Romanticism is the intellectual movement in literature and visual arts which had its birth in Germany, Great Britain and France in the second half of the 18th century and appeared in Russia, Austria and Poland in the first half of the 19th century and in the middle of the 19th century got its popularity in North and South America. The most characteristic features of romanticism are the denial of rationalism, the denial of the strict norms of writing in literature and painting in visual arts.

The most obvious feature is the cult of the human feelings, emotions and the value of the human being and the attention to her psychological ego. The exceptional individual in the exceptional circumstances is depicted in the centre of the romanticists’ activity. Romanticism appeared as the reaction to the strict rules and standards of classicists of the Enlightenment period. The motherland of romanticism is France, just after the French revolution against absolutism.

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The philosophic foundation of romanticism was created by the German philosopher Friedrich Schelling who propagated idealism in philosophy and the cult of feelings, folklore, the folk culture, seeking of the historic consciousness and profound study of the historic past; sometimes the escape from the reality into the idealized past or fantasy. Romanticism was quite a production period in literature, because a great number of genres of literature appeared just at that time – ballad, lyrical song, romance, historic novel and drama. Speaking about the brightest representatives of painting, British painters William Turner and John Constable should be admitted.

Romanticism is an important period for the development of the world literature, visual arts and philosophic ideas and the student is asked to prepare a quality term paper which would describe the most important principles of this movement. The young person is able to dwell on the history and origin of romanticism, demonstrate the brightest representatives of the movement and compare the peculiarities of romanticism in different countries, because every part of the world had its own features which developed the entire image of this intellectual movement. One is supposed to compare romanticism with the previous movements and define the differences between them and finally define the role of romanticism for the world literature.

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Custom Term Paper on Romanticism

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