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Term Paper on Sustainable Development


Development Term Paper:

Sustainable development is the process of the development of the humanity in the harmony with nature and rational usage of natural resources in order to leave the planet for the next generations in the same condition as people got it. The idea of sustainable development has appeared not long ago due to the fact that people understood the terrible harmful consequences of their activity on the nature. Because of the industrial activity the planet suffers from pollution, deforestation, extinction of biological species and other negative things.

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People have realized that if they do not stop using natural resources in such quantities, all resources will be exhausted very fast. That is why scientists and men of thought started to think over about the possible ways out. They began to create certain concepts, solutions of the problem.

According to their suggestion people should start using only renewable ecologically safe energy, recycle wastes of all kinds, avoid pollution and contamination of water and soil, because these two factor are essential for human life, as people can not live without pure water and eat contaminated crops, vegetables and fruits. Then, people should stop falling vast territories of forests, especially rainforests, which are the lungs of the planet and provide all living organisms with oxygen.

It is obvious that the idea of sustainable development is very wise and the humanity should strive to keep the way of live described above. Some countries, like Sweden have already started to develop sustainably and they use only renewable energy of the wind, water and sun. Moreover, they recycle so many wastes, that they import wastes from other countries making the world cleaner. Writing a good term paper one should concentrate on the explanation of the idea of sustainable development and describe it from all sides, illustrating advantages and disadvantages if they exist. The idea of the paper like this is to convince the readers in the necessity to change the lifestyle of the humanity for the better to save the planet for the next generations. Students have to analyze the problem in detail and offer their own methods of the improvement of people’s life.

Writing a term paper is a complicated job, because the topic is difficult and requires much time. Moreover, one should be very creative to brainstorm interesting ideas on such a specific topic.

Sometimes the best way to improve knowledge is to take advantage of the free sample term papers on sustainable development in India found in the Internet. The web is a good way to learn how to compose, format and analyze the paper well. When one reads a free example term paper on sustainable development a global challenge, he will understand how to complete a well-analyzed paper himself.

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