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Term Paper on Walt Disney


Disney Term Paper:

Walt Disney is the American cartoonist, illustrator, director, scriptwriter, actor and conductor and the founder of the company Walt Disney Productions, which has transformed into the media imperia known as The Walt Disney Company. Walt Disney is the creator of the first in the human history cartoon with sound, the first musical and full-version carton. The life of the personality was extremely productive; no wonder he shot 111 films and conducted about 576 films. Walt Disney’s contribution into the world cinematography was awarded with 22 Oscars and numerous other awards and made him one of the most well-known personalities associated with movies and especially cartoons. The successful Disney’s career started in 1923 when he moved to Hollywood and founded a small animation studio Walt Disney Productions with his friend.

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In 1924 he created his first short film connected with the famous book of Lewis Carroll Alice in Wonderland. Since that time the style of Disney’s cartoons had been developing and looked like a brand. Walt Disney was the first director who introduced music and sound in the whole in his films. It is naturally, that the success of the cartoons depended on the perfect knowledge about the behaviour and moves of the live animals that were the prototypes of the cartoon characters. The well-known character Mickey Mouse was introduced in 1928 and it probably became the symbol of Walt Disney’s activity. In the middle of 1930s such well-known characters as Pluto, Goofy, Donald Duck, etc. In the post war period Walt Disney improved his technique and created such classics of the art of cartoon as Bambi, Peter Pan, Pinocchio, Lion King, Aladdin, etc.

Walt Disney is the world famous personality in the sphere of cinematography and everyone knows at least anything about his activity. The student is supposed to study the director’s biography and connect his activity, progress, ambitions with the society and the lifestyle of his current time. The young professional is expected to study the cultural heritage of Walt Disney, analyze the themes of his cartoons, the peculiarities of his technique and originality of his skills. It is important to dwell on the fact that he was the pioneer in the sphere of cartoons and can be called the father of this genre. Finally one can compare Walt Disney’s cartoons with other cartoons and draw the objective conclusions.

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Custom Term Paper on Walt Disney

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