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Progress in My Research Essay


I thank you for the session that we had in regard to my research. I have made progress in the work and I am pleased to update you on the same.

Completed Work
Thus far, I have managed to compile the abstract, introduction, background, and methodology. It is apparent that your suggestions and guidelines were instrumental to the work as a whole and I benefited from it immensely. I was keen on ensuring that the report is systematic and flows in a manner that is readily understandable by all despite their expertise in the subject. The work is holistically objective and at the end of the day shall deduce an inference in response to the research question.

Next Steps
There are a number of attributes that I still have to undertake before the work may be deemed to be effectively completed. First among them is an in-depth scrutiny of the pertinent resources in a bid to respond to the research question. In line with the research method, the main source of data shall be secondary sources. Certainly, there are some written material that may appear to be glamorous but are not credible. It will take caution and acumen to ensure that perfect data is gathered. Subsequently, It shall be easy to compile the findings, and draw a perfect inference from the study. I shall write a well thought conclusion that is streamlined to the objective of the study and avoid digressing to other areas that may be tempting but irrelevant.

Issues of Concern
The core issue of concern is the fact that it is it is not possible to explore all the sources that may be relevant in the study. In that regard, it shall be necessary to skim, summarize, weigh, and select with bias. Consequently, time shall always be a limiting factor, making it necessary to concentrate on perfect selection.

Clearly, I have made immense progress towards the completion of my research. Should there be any area that you feel I need to improve on, please let me know. I shall be sure to perfect the work. I am dedicated to making it excellent. Thank you for cooperation.

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